Wlan IOT

RS Soft Tech Global Services has setup a WLAN Interoperability Test (IOT) Lab that includes a large number of WLAN devices including Access Points, Stations and Portable Devices that are used to offer IOT testing services to its Customers. RS Soft Tech Global Services has developed a fully automated IOT test tool than is used to test customer WLAN devices in Access Point, Station or P2P modes. Some of the benefits of using the IOT lab are given below:

  • Full Automated Testing
  • Reduce Test Cycle Time
  • Large number of WLAN APs, Stations and P2P Devices
  • Increase Productivity
  • Increase Test Hardware Utilization

Test Framework Features

  • Wireless Station, AP and P2P Testing with Minimal Human Intervention
  • Independent Packet Captures and Analysis for each Test Case
  • Throughput Measurement using IxChariot or iperf
  • Automated Configuration of APs from vendors like, Cisco, Linksys, D-Link, NetGear, etc.
  • Platform Independent Test Scripts for Linux, Android, MacOS and Windows
  • Resource Manager for all Test Resources
  • Complete Coverage for Wi-Fi Standards Compliance
  • Negative Test Case Verification
  • Automated IOT Testing

Test Setup