Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

RS Soft Tech Global Services builds system-software solutions for innovative and cutting-edge technologies of growing market importance. With our deep experience in the wireless domain, we provide product engineering solutions and services to OEM and EMS companies. This group’s focus is on short range wireless that encompasses Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and ZigBee technologies. RS Soft Tech Global Services has established a leading position in some of these areas by providing highly specialized solutions to leading vendors. Our strong focus in these areas have gained us long term engagement with many partners.




In this fast growing field RS Soft Tech Global Services is your best partner to deliver solutions close to your speed of thought. We are the leading provider of complete product realization services for this wireless technology. Our trusted relationships with leading Wi-Fi silicon vendors such as Marvell, Atheros and Texas Instruments enable us to deliver fast and effective solutions.

RS Soft Tech Global Services provides development and testing services in this area with proven expertise in developing firmware for Wi-Fi SoC's and Microcontrollers, Lower MAC and Upper MAC stack development and WLAN device drivers for various Operating Systems. RS Soft Tech Global Services has developed Wi-Fi drivers and application under Linux, Android and Windows as well as in RTOSs and other embedded environments.

3DWebers Wi-Fi Value Proposition

  • 200+ engineers specialized in Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
  • Dedicated lab for Wi-Fi & BT Testing
  • Professional Engagement and Execution Environment
  • Motivated and Engaged Employee
  • Continued relationship with existing and New customers


RS Soft Tech Global Services has experiece in the development of Bluetooth protocol stacks and a host of Bluetooth related profiles and applications. RS Soft Tech Global Services offers complete end-to-end solutions and services for Bluetooth based products. Our strength is in our ability to quickly turn around profile and applications requirements for consumer and automotive industries. Based on our expertise and experience it is possible to implement Bluetooth stacks (HCI, RFCOMM, L2CAP, and SDP) and profiles without any interface glitches and ensure smooth interface with hardware. RS Soft Tech Global Services has capabilities to deliver customized hardware and software solutions for any creative applications based on Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE technologies.


Wi-Fi Expertise Brief