Telecom sectors are facing the challenge of releasing their product on time with compliance and certification within the planned market window. Added to this convergence, mobility and digitalization places unprecedented demand on the Telecom companies to standout and win.

Network Equipment manufacturers, OEMs are overcoming the “Time to market” risks by collaborating with trustworthy partners with proven credibility. The product evolution and product maintenance is a challenge to delight their end customer with the reduced budget.

RS Soft Tech Global Services Offerings

We provide Software development & testing services and solutions in the area of

  • Cellular Wireless
    • LTE (Femto/Small Cell, EPC)
    • VoLTE
    • Cellular Wi-Fi Offloading
  • Wireline
    • L2/L3 Datacom
    • IMS
    • NMS/EMS
    • PacketCable™1.5/2.0
  • Software Defined Networks(SDN) and NFV
    • OpenFlow Switch/Controller
    • Intel® DPDK
    • Virtulaization of EPC and IMS Core
    • Virtul CPE (vCPE)

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