RS Soft Tech Global Services over the years has focused on a carefully selected set of embedded technologies and work with customers who require skills in these niche technologies.


Being focused on embedded platforms and system software one of the first technology areas where we have excelled has been in providing platform services to customers. Services provided by the Platform Group include development of Board Support Packages (BSP), Device Driver development, Operating System porting and other related services that are core to bringing up and validating a new plaform. The main operating systems that we work on are Linux, Android, Windows and a number of RTOSs like ThreadX, Nucleus and QNX.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

RS Soft Tech Global Services has been working in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies for over a decade providing services in all areas of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth software development. We have experiece working with firmware, interface Device Drivers, Lower MAC and Upper MAC stack development, feature enhancement and Testing.


At RS Soft Tech Global Services we have a long history of working with VoIP and Video Streaming. To support these efforts as well as our customers we provide services in codec integration, media framework integration, multimedia protocol development either based on standards (RTSP, RTP/RTCP, etc.) or proprietary protocols.


At RS Soft Tech Global Services, we offer comprehensive set of offerings in the LTE & VoLTE domain which are well aligned to address the engineering requirements of LTE,silicon vendors & equipment manufacturers.


RS Soft Tech Global Services has built a comprehensive suite of solutions in Internet Protocol (IP) Networking across multiple technologies and helped companies with strategic cost reduction by licensing the components for product development and Testing and Maintainance.

Technologies we work on



Cellular Wireless

IP Networking

Wi-Fi & Bluetooth