PacketCable™ 1.x & 2.0

PacketCable is an industry consortium founded by CableLabs® with the goal of defining standards for the cable television modem access industry. CableLabs® lead this initiative for interoperable interface specifications in order to deliver real-time multimedia services over two-way cable network.

Built on top the industry's DOCSIS (Data Over Cable Service Interface Specifications) cable modem infrastructure, PacketCable networks use the Internet Protocol (IP) to enable a wide range of multimedia services, such as Voice-over-IP (IP telephony), multimedia conferencing, interactive gaming, and general multimedia applications.

A DOCSIS network with PacketCable extensions enables cable operators to deliver data and voice traffic efficiently using a single high-speed, quality-of-services (QoS)-enabled broadband (cable) architecture.

RS Soft Tech Global Services offers the entire suite of protocols and software applications as defined by the Packetable™ and CableHome™ for standalone portal endpoint devices. RS Soft Tech Global Services allows OEMs and silicon vendors to offer a cost-optimized, fully complaint and interoperated customer premise solutions. RS Soft Tech Global Services mature and proven software suite increase time-to-market, which drives purchases for residential gateways and access points.