Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics (CE) is undergoing a major transformation and it is merging with the computer industry referred as the consumerization of information technology.

The consumer electronic products face the trend of increasing number of features with ever-falling prices - increasing the amount of electronic hardware and software along with automation are a must to keep pace with this trend.

RS Soft Tech Global Services is in a strong position to adapt to these every changing trends due to the vast experience and expertise in designing and developing embedded systems over many years. Some of the areas of our expertise are:

  • Cellular Modem (2G, 3G & LTE) 
  • Software for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth - from Firmware, Device Drivers to Wireless Applications
  • VoIP Solutions SIP, IMS ,VoLTE and RCS
  • IP Set Top Box, PacketCable™ 1.5 and PacketCable™ 2.0
  • Routing/Switching, Residential Gateway
  • Electronic Devices and Platforms - Board Support Packages, Device Drivers and Embedded Applications
  • Mutlimedia Integration and Testing
  • Proven expertise in Android, Linux, Windows and various RTOSs
  •  Test Automation

RS Soft Tech Global Services technical expertise can be leveraged to meet the demands of the convergence that is happening in Consumer Electronics to enable our customers to focus on innovation and core technologies while at the same time being able to gain a time-to-market advantage.

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